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After we had success creating and printing a partial set of movable type to complete the Futura Condensed typeface, we moved on to creating one set derived from a specimen from Rob Roy Kelly’s book, Untitled 504 (Rob Roy Kelly mis-identified this face as Untitled 154 in American Wood Type, many thanks to the invaluable Rob Roy Kelly Collection website). I’ve always wanted a set in this typeface so it was very exciting for me personally.


The clear plexi worked fine technically, but I think I like the white plexi more froma strictly visual standpoint.


It was great to do a typeface that was clearly identifiable with wood type.

Professor Morgan had some clear plexi lying around that was a bit thicker than the first sheet, which required us to mount thin strips of foam to the back to raise it up to type height. The result is that these blocks aren’t as aesthetically pleasing on their own, we quickly ordered more white plexi after this. I was very interested to see if the thicker weight typeface would print just as well as the condensed face, and it did. Our press is very rudimentary and it’s hard to pull a perfect specimen print that’s filled in with no shifting.

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