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The lowercase “g” is one of the most fantastic and varied letterforms in the alphabet, in my humble opinion. This is one of the standouts. The bowl has those great little jagged ornamentations that are a feature in the typeface, and the tail grows out from the bottom portion. It’s surprisingly flowing and organic to be in such a compact space, and it stands out in a typeface that features a lot of hard angles and perfect circles. The ball “ear” on the top left is a nice little touch as well, and a fun play on a traditional anatomical piece of the character.

The wood on the block is pretty heavily stained, but you can still see the grain shining in some spots. You can see the depth change in the shoulder from the die cut process.

Style: Number 514
Style first appeared: 1887
Size: 8 line
Manufacturer: Hamilton?
Manufacturing Method: Die Cut?
Is it part of a complete set? Not Yet

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