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Mr. Bob Pointkowski emailed me yesterday and pointed me to the lovely work of Mrs. Jennifer Farrell’s Starshaped Press, located in Chicago. When I was first looking through the site, I assumed some of the work was photopolymer plates, because of the large vareity in typefaces. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read the process page, where they reveal that all of the type is either wood or metal. Incredible! To be able to have that amount of variety in imagery and typefaces using only movable type is very admirable. I love the Design Styles charts that show off the different stylistic options available for customers.

I am a total sucker for letterpressed packaging, so I love this cd set.

I love the contrast of type sizes in this poster, and how thoughtfully everything is arranged.

I want to thank Mr. Pointkowski again for letting me know about this incredible shop, please visit their Facebook and Etsy pages, and be sure to watch the movie about their process on their homepage!

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