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Richele is a designer and letterpress printer who has created some really great pieces. As per her website, she loves doing invitations and greeting cards, and she has some fantastic examples on her website and in her Etsy shop. She utilizes some great illustrations along with typography in her work.

Richele works with other design groups on occasion, and she recently worked alongside KURO interactive to print an absolutely stunning identity for Cowboy’s Dreams, a bed and breakfast in Nevada. She deserves praise for bringing the project to life through the press and elevating the already superb design. FPO has an excellent feature on the project.

This is a really cute card, I love the illustration!

You simply must look at the rest of the work Richele and KURO put in on the Cowboy’s Dream!

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  • Christopher

    These are lovely. I love the circus typeface on the greetings card!

    Have you seen this website yet http://www.letterpress.dwolske.com/ I stumbled upon it today – you guys must have a lot in common!


    02-19-10 » 2:27 pm »

  • richele

    Thanks for the shout out!

    02-22-10 » 11:15 pm »

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