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I am sorry for the break in posts the past two days, but I was on a trip to visit UT Austin and Professor David Shields! Mr. Shields showed off the RRK collection and the great organization system they have developed for it, as well as a new showcard press. I brought a few blocks from my collection and he let me compare them to similar faces in the collection. Mr. Shields also showed me one of the specimen books that Rob Roy Kelly printed after he had started collecting the type. It was heaven on earth! It was such a thrill to meet Mr. Shields in person and to see and touch the collection. My only regret is that I was so caught up in the wonder of it all that I forgot to take photos!

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  • Casey McGarr

    You know I’m only 200 miles north and still haven’t been to see the collection. Glad to hear it was an awe inspiring trip. I’m heading south as soon as work will set me free.

    Inky lips Letterpress

    05-18-10 » 3:09 pm »

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