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This is a quite small serifed A from one of the mixed lots I’ve purchased. It almost seems strange to see a more traditional typeface in wood type, because I’m so used to the ornamented, thick and chunky faces. It looks to be pretty similar to DeVinne, though it seems more extended than the version on the Rob Roy Kelly Collection site. DeVinne is the Old Style face that I’ve seen most often in wood type, which is interesting because it was developed rather late in the wood type game. Several of its letters have really interesting quirks, I’ll be sure to post all the blocks I have in the typeface.

This block has a great rich wood color, which still shows despite it’s heavy use. You can see the edges of the face have rounded over. It’s got some wounds along the left side as well, I’m not sure if they’ll show in a print. It’s cool when you can see the pantograph marks on such small type, as in the counter here. The tip at the apex of the A has been beat in pretty good, unfortunately.

Style: DeVinne (Extended?)
Style first appeared: 1895
Size: 8 pica
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? No

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