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Who doesn’t love a big, juicy numeral? This little guy definitely has an attitude. The stroke contrast is really heavy in this block, from the thinning of the line above the counter to the extremely thick portion on the right side. There are some scratches on the right side of the face, not sure if they show up in print yet. The wood has a yellowish tone and you can see there is a bit of staining on the face. I like how the gold striping of the grain cuts through the grime along the edges of the face.

Style: Gothic Extended (still researching)
Style first appeared: Unknown
Size: 12 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

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  • Casey McGarr

    Big and chunky. I love the small counter which really speaks to the heaviness of this character. Sweet Six!!!


    09-21-10 » 3:55 pm »

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