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So, a few months back Auburn University stumbled upon a Vandercook SP-15 at a great deal, and a few weeks ago, it arrived. after getting everything worked out with electrical matters and making sure the rollers were good for use, we finally got to put it to use last weekend! Kevin Smith of CreateTWO came by and showed us how to set the height of the rollers, adjust the tympan and clean things up. I printed these two letterforms, some of the biggest I have, and we also printed both sets of plexi type we created last year. I was shocked at how well the plexi type printed! We had to bring them up in height just a touch by adding a couple of sheets of paper underneath, but after that they inked beautifully and printed evenly. I also got the opportunity to print the three alphabets I’ve bought in the past few months, I’ll share those prints as soon as I can get them scanned.

Here is the plexi type all locked up

And here it is all inked up

5 Comments on “Finally!”

  • tanya

    looks fantastic! well worth the wait :)

    05-10-10 » 8:34 am »

  • Erin

    How exciting! Your plexi type looks wonderful. Keep up the amazing work, both printing and posting, I read your blog everyday.

    05-10-10 » 10:30 pm »

  • David Shields

    Congrats on the new press. The plexi type looks great.

    You should think about submitting this work to a letterpress show that Rick Griffith is curating in Denver. Deadline is May 29th.


    05-11-10 » 1:17 am »

  • Susan

    The plexi typedesign is
    VERY good – Go Bethany!

    05-11-10 » 10:00 am »

  • Bethany

    Thanks for all the kind words! Now I have to muster up some creative juices and actually design something to print!

    David, that show looks incredible, I’m going to do my best to get some things ready, thank you for letting me know about it!

    05-11-10 » 2:41 pm »

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