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This F has one of the most unique characteristics of this particular Grecian face; the gigantic serif on the middle arm. It’s much thicker than most wood type Grecians, and it really changes the whole feel of the letterform. The whole thing looks like it’s about to tip over! Another interesting thing is the hairline space between that top serif and the cross arm serif.

One issue common in a lot of these hand carved blocks is the inconsistencies in the shoulders. They are rarely perfectly square, and vary quite a bit in depth as well. The tops and bottom of strokes are also often uneven, as well as the baselines, so it always looks like I didn’t set them up in the press with the right amount of furniture! If you look at the bottom serif, you’ll see there is a significant height difference from one side to the other.

Style: Unknown Grecian
Style first appeared: 1846
Size: 28 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Hand Carved
Is it part of a complete set? Not yet!

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