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Yay, a Grecian block that isn’t caked with ink! This letterform doesn’t have as many obvious instances of the thick and thin contrast that is a trademark of this particular cut of the Grecian style, but you can see it at the top and bottom. The heaviness of the vertical ends of the stroke are another sign. Often less used letterforms like Zs and Qs are cleaner than the other blocks, which is the case here. The wood has a great reddish tint. I love how the lighter lines in the wood contrast the softer grain tones undulating from the lower left. This block seems to be hand carved, like the rest of the set, but I am at a loss to explain the round mark in the lower portion of the shoulder. It looks like some sort of router or dremel mark.

Style: Unknown Grecian
Style first appeared: 1846
Size: 28 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Hand Carved
Is it part of a complete set? Not yet!

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