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This lovely constricted letterform is from the Modern poster lot. It’s one of the most horizontally challenged block I have, and the fact that it’s so large just makes it all the better. This face might be a variant of the modern/industrial san serifs that came with the lot, it does have uniform rounded edges and squared off counters. The stroke weight doesn’t change at all, even on the bottom edge.

The shoulder has some weird scarring, that is probably due to the smaller router bit being a touch longer than the broader bit. You can see the traces of green left on the block, which I love, it’s always fun to see what colors the letters were printed in. To be a side grain block, this one has a very nice wood tone. You can see the pencil marks around the counter where that portion of the block was hand finished.

Style: Airport Tourist/ Futura Display variant?
Style first appeared: 1932
Size: 48 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? No

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