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At the request of Mr. Christopher Skinner, here is another block from the Grecian set. This K has a lot of the characteristics of the overall set, with the exaggerated thick and thin strokes. I really like the difference in the negative spaces at the upper and lower vertices. The lower one in quite long and narrow, while the upper is wider and very short. It makes for a very interesting letterform, with a really tall lower half. It’s like a grandpa with his pants hiked up to his armpits.

The green is from when I last printed it and obviously did a poor job cleaning. Because the blocks in this set weren’t finished to industry standards the ink seems to be sticking to the wood more than usual. The narrow cut in between the lower serifs is quite uneven, which is interesting given the remarkable steadiness in most of the handiwork on these blocks. You can see in the image how the area where the face joins the shoulder really slopes outward. This is a very quirky and lovely block, one of my favorites from the set.

Style: Unknown Grecian
Style first appeared: 1846
Size: 28 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Hand Carved
Is it part of a complete set? Not yet!

2 Comments on “K, Grecian”

  • Christopher Skinner

    I love your description of it being like a grandpa with his pants hiked up to his armpits! A wonderful likeness!!!

    02-06-10 » 4:42 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Thank you, Christopher, it’s not often I see a character so clearly in a letterform, but this one was too clear to ignore!

    02-08-10 » 10:44 pm »

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