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What a glorious little number this guy is! This is from my French Clarendon set, with its extremely thick weight at the top and bottom and thin vertical strokes. The little wave-kick at the bottom is one of my favorite parts of any block. A flat bottom would have sufficed, but the contour really elevates the design and gives it a definite attitude. The top of the leg is contoured as well, I love how it curves up at the end. The stem has a lovely shape as well, I love how the front of the bottom leg is curved and the stem just grows out of that. It’s a very graceful and almost organic shape, which I wouldn’t normally match with this type style.

I like the effect the grain has on this block, it has a distinct pattern, going from dark to light from right to left. There are some odd spots along the bottom that are half faded that are most likely remnants from a sloppy cleaning. This block has a more reddish tint that many from this set, which I would say is because numerals seemed to have been printed in red more often than letters.

Style: French Clarendon No. 2
Style first appeared: 1873
Size: 12 line
Manufacturer: Hamilton
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

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