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Qs are always a little weird in wood type alphabets. The nature of the medium limits them, you don’t see many that have a descending tail. Because of this, a lot of them end up being Os with a tail tacked on. Which is about what we have here, though it is still a nice letterform. The trail is quite chubby, it gives an interesting look to the letterform when taken with the thinning of the stroke in the middle. It’s nearly a repeat of the transition on the right side of the letterform, though you can see in my crude diagraming there are a few differences.

There’s a nice meaty splotch of ink on the top of the O, and some dark staining at the bottom. There are some scratches as well, so this guy has been through a lot. Maybe that’s why he looks so defiant, with that tail smugly to one side. I feel like if this block could talk, he’d be like “What? Say something again about my tail!”

Style: French Clarendon No. 2
Style first appeared: 1873
Size: 12 line
Manufacturer: Hamilton
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

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