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If there is a place in the south synonymous with wood type, it is Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee. Hatch was founded in 1879 and has remained firm in its commitment to continue to print letterpressed posters the good old fashioned way. They’ve thrived in the music hotbed of Nashville, creating posters for musicians for decades, from Louis Armstrong to John Mayer. Jim Sherraden, who is the manager and lead designer at Hatch has ensured that no new pieces of type have infiltrated the original hatch collection. All the typefaces used are the same ones used for over a century.

Hatch frequently pulls out old woodcuts and repurposes them in poster designs or unique monoprints, giving them new life. Hatch also utilizes over a dozen antique presses of various makes and sizes. Hatch Show Print has to be commended for keeping the american tradition of letterpress posters alive and keeping it current despite it’s antique technology and typefaces.

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