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I haven’t had a chance to clean this block yet, so it’s very grungy. I do think it’s important to show the workhorse letters as well, not all blocks are pristine! It’s the sign of a well loved typeface to be covered with ink. I was too excited to hold off posting it because this is one of the letters I was missing from my hand carved Grecian set! The seller I bought the type from put up another lot, which just happened to contain 4 of the 5 letters I was missing. This T is very statuesque, with its thick serifs on the ends of the arms. It’s makes the letterform look very elongated in my eyes.

This block has seen a lot of wear and tear. There’s a wound on the lower left serif and a few more dents and scratches elsewhere. It’s fairly evident this block was hand carved from the irregularities along the edges of the face, and, as you can see at the top and bottom of the letterform, the connection of the face to the shoulder is sloped.

Style: Unknown Grecian
Style first appeared: 1846
Size: 28 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Hand Carved
Is it part of a complete set? Not yet!

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