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As mentioned in the Daily Letter post, I have managed to reunite 4 more letters of the Grecian set! It was a fierce bidding battle but I was fortunate enough to come out on top, and the 14 additional blocks arrived in the mail last week. So, now it’s time to create plexi substitutes for the Q, and the numerals. I’m not sure how to treat the Q, as it’s supposed to be a hanging tail, which will make setting it an adventure. Does anyone with similar letterforms have any advice on how to lock up a line of type with one letter that has a different height?

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  • Ray Nichols

    Couple of things. I’m working on a system of making wood type out of endgrain wood just like in the old days. I hope that we can make it cheap enough that it would help printers fill in missing letters.

    It is nice that the Q doesn’t come up much. What usually happens with type that has a different block size is that the difference is usually something that fits either leading or furniture. Say you were doing the line “IT IS QUICK”and the block of the Q is 2 picas taller. You just have to put 2 picas undeer the “IT IS UICK.” The problem sometimes is that you then need to put two picas between all lines so the leading is smooth.

    How large is this type?

    04-02-10 » 8:05 am »

  • Bethany Heck

    Mr. Nichols, the type is 28 picas tall. So, I should try to design the tail at a nice round number, in pica intervals to make setting the furniture for the rest of the line simpler?

    I’m thrilled to hear you are looking into creating new end grain blocks! Where are you getting the wood from?

    04-02-10 » 8:15 am »

  • Stephane de Schrevel

    Am I wrong or is the C still lacking its top terminal (as featured in G)? It looks like it’s been chopped off on that spot.

    12-05-10 » 8:58 am »

  • Bethany Heck

    Stephane, you are correct. I’m going to replace the damaged C with a plexi version that has the top terminal.

    12-06-10 » 1:44 pm »

  • John Falstrom

    Hi Bethany,

    I realize this is a year old, but, I was viewing your site with great interest having recently gotten the wood type bug. After inadvertently purchasing a wonderful old Page font and border, I started looking for more in earnest and I found and purchased a few more fonts that can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49638884@N03/sets/72157628326385337/ Among them is a Grecian 10 line that I believe was handcut. The Q is the same size as the other letters so I thought it might still be of interest to you.



    12-08-11 » 6:08 am »

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