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I was at the local letterpress studio, CreateTWO this weekend to witness the cleaning of Kevin’s massive new Vandercook. I believe it’s a 232. He had the space marked for it for quite awhile now, but actually seeing this thing in person was awe inspiring. It’s huge!!! I cannot wait to see it in action. It needs some electrical adjustments before it can operate, but hopefully within a month it will be chugging out posters.

Kevin was hard at work cleaning the press.

This was the biggest cleanup area… It was pretty gross!

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  • Casey McGarr

    This reminds me my Vandercook 32-28 I had for a few years. It was a huge press and took a long time to clean up. I sold it a few years back to the University of Iowa.

    Can’t wait to see the prints.


    05-04-10 » 3:39 pm »

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