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At Auburn University, we have a weekly gathering called Colab, where the students submit requests for software tutorials, and those requests are then answered by other students. This semester colab has been reworked to allow for field trips and guest speakers, so students can get a better feel for what opportunities are available in the design world. We had our first colab meeting outside of campus last week when we went to CreateTWO, where Kevin Smith gave everyone a tour, explained the basics of letterpress printing, and let everyone use the press to create a print. It was a huge turnout, and though we were all a little cramped, everyone was thrilled to have a chance to operate the Challenger. My fellow GDES student Joe Montefusco was so kind as to take photos of the event, which you can see at the Colab flickr page.

Kevin is explaining how the press works to the students.

Here’s Christopher pulling a print.

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