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Ok, so way back in February I posted this daily block; a metal faced grotesque two with a wood backing. While out type hunting, I came across a set of numbers that appeared to be made in the same way, with the same typeface, and a very similar size. When I brought this set home, my suspicions were confirmed, it is the same face, and the same size, and they are all made of the same materials.

The metal is most likely zinc, and the most likely reason for creating this kid of block was as a cheap and more easily obtainable replacement for a broken character. The thing I found strange is that I’ve only come across this method twice, and they all are numbers, and the same size and face. The blocks are a bit inconsistent when it comes to their height, there are a few that are smaller or taller than the others by just a bit (as you can see in these blocks).

Does anyone have any blocks that are made using this method, or know what these are? I’m quite intrigued.

Style: Unknown Gothic
Style first appeared: Unknown
Size: 15 pica
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Metal Face
Is it part of a complete set? No

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