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This is obviously not an end grain block! I got this block with a large mixed set several summers ago, and it is the only one I have like it, or have seen like it. It has a metal face and it screwed into a wood back. I expected it to be heavier because of the metal face, but it really surprised me when I first picked it up. You could do some serious damage with this block! I’m not sure what kind of metal it is, I doubt it’s lead because of its size and the fact that it isn’t dented. The metal is very hard and doesn’t scratch easily. Could it be steel or zinc? If anyone knows, send me an email!

This block is wonderfully industrial with the awkward sans serif typeface, the metal material and the crude screws holding the face in. I’m not sure what the smaller peg like protrusions are. The face has a few scratches, one of which looks fairly deliberate, perhaps someone was trying to figure out what kind of metal the face is made out of. There are traces of red, making it yet another red stained number. It’s an incredible and unique piece of work, I hope I can find out more about what it is and why it was made.

Style: Unknown Gothic
Style first appeared: Unknown
Size: 15 pica
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Metal Face
Is it part of a complete set? No

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