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I just realized that I post a lot of Ms for the Daily Blocks. This one is from my first Grotesque set, and as such is a little off kilter, with contrast in the stroke weights. I’ve always been fascinated in the differing angles in uppercase Ms, and how the weight shifts from side to side.

The stain splatters are the most defining features of this block. These aren’t just sitting on the surface of the wood, they are soaked in, which is really interesting. The grain on this block is also beautiful, it reminds me of water streaking off a windshield. This block also has really defined router marks at each angle. There’s the wider mark below and the smaller bit above. All things told, an interesting block with some really unique traits.

Style: Gothic
Style first appeared: Unknown
Size: 15 line
Manufacturer: Hamilton
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

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