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I am on a serious sans serif kick lately, so when I got the chance to get a super condensed set of wood type, I jumped at the chance. This 4 is a lovely little specimen. The letterform itself is very no-nonsense and has a great presence despite being so tall and lean.

The work of hand finishing and pantograph carving is very clear on this block. My favorite part is the perfect circle left from dropping the pantograph router in the counter without moving it, because the counter quickly became too narrow for the bit. You can see the sloping edges left from the hand finishing that cleaned out the rest of the counter. This block also has a very nice reddish tone, with some great striping in the grain.

Style: Gothic Condensed (still researching)
Style first appeared: Unknown
Size: 18 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

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