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Seeing Mr. Wolske’s wonderful Tuscan X inspired me to use an X as the next daily block, albeit a much more drab one! This is from a grotesque face, so there is some variation in stroke weight, which I always enjoy in a symmetrical letterform like this one. The irregular weights shift everything around, it feels like the whole thing is turning.

This block hasn’t been used much, the shoulder is still quite clean. The block wasn’t completely cleaned the last time it was used, so there’s a muddy film over most of the face. You can see the bright golden color peeking through in a few places. There’s a few dark spots near the center, probably from a dripping rag. You can clearly see the two level of router marks on the shoulder at the lower middle of the block.

Style: Gothic
Style first appeared: Unknown
Size: 15 line
Manufacturer: Hamilton
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

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