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Eduardo sent me two great letterpress related items coming out of Brazil, the first being a letterpressed book filled with original woodcut artwork. You can explore this site to see imagery from the book.

There are also two amazing videos about a small group of Sao Paulo, Brazil printmakers who print massive posters on a beast of a press.

I am a sucker for owls, so this cute letterpressed moleskine from PressaRussa caught my eye.

If anyone hasn’t see David Wolske’s Letterpress Daily project, they’ve been missing out! Mr. Wolske has a wealth of knowledge about wood type and an outstanding collection of typefaces.

Holly Micheltos of San Francisco requested I post a photo of a wood type table her father made form type that was going to be destroyed in the mid ’50s. He made another table in addition to this one that has been sold, which features larger type. If anyone has seen a table fitting that description please send me an email, Holly is interested in purchasing it and reuniting the two tables.

Ray Nichols of Lead Graffiti sent me this wonderful poster he printed using some orphaned type for the American Printing History Association’s national conference. What a great idea and execution!

Kyle VanHorn just wrote a feature about wood type websites (and was kind enough to mention End Grain!) at the Baltimore Print Studio’s Website.

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