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Someone pinch me. I still can’t believe I got a hold of a whole set like this. This S is one of the more lovely pieces from the font at the moment, pre-cleaning. The style is Antique Tuscan, a slab serif with concave indentions on the outside of the letter form, and thorn-like ornamentation on the edges. The face is a stunning golden color, set off even more by how deep the shoulder is set back from the face. The cherry on top is the ink palm print in the center of the letter. Details like this are my favorite part of collecting type. Not only do you have the history of the typeface itself, the individual characteristics of each letter, the deformities of a particular block, and the unique stains and markings left from decades of use. I’m so hesitant to print with it, because I’m scared to lose that detail!

Style: Antique Tuscan
Style first appeared: 1849
Size: 20 line
Manufacturer: American Wood Type
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Almost

3 Comments on “Tuscan S”

  • Glenn

    Nice! How much did the entire set go for? (BTW, I think your pic may be upside-down.)

    11-23-10 » 8:15 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    It is indeed upside down! Thank you for pointing it out. I got the set for $400. This is an expensive hobby.

    11-23-10 » 8:44 pm »

  • Glenn

    Great find! A full set like this is a rare bird, indeed. Please post a pic when you proof it!

    11-23-10 » 10:41 pm »

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