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To begin the discussion of these blocks, while I bought these together in one lot, I don’t think these two letterforms are a pair. The lowercase W is obviously a die cut. You can see the horizontal line above the letterform, which is the dead giveaway that a die was stamped onto the wood to make the letterform. But, if you look at the uppercase letter, there seems to be signs of hand finishing at the tight angles, as well as a router mark on the lower counter.

I wonder if the person I bought this from mixed the two sets together to create a more complete set, or if they really didn’t see the difference. They do have a similar feel, but the lowercase form is thicker and has more curves, whereas the uppercase letter is more straight angled. The angular appendages are also more pronounced on the lowercase letter. The uppercase letter has a severe wound in the center.

Style: Number 514 (for the lowercase W), Unknown for the uppercase.
Style first appeared: 1887
Size: 8 line
Manufacturer: Hamilton?
Manufacturing Method: Die Cut?
Is it part of a complete set? Not Yet

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