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I really can’t appreciate the letter H unless it is in monumetal form like this.Huge strokes, massive serifs, incredible. This block demands respect! Because the serifs on the top and bottom nearly touch in the middle, separated by only a hairline, the letterform is almost abstracted. I love the proportions from the heavy main strokes to the thinner but still substantial crossbar and serifs.

These blocks have a lot of hard to remove stuff on the faces, this summer I am going to try a few techniques to remove it. You can see the grain arching over the middle of the block, and once again I have to point out how lovely the striping in the wood is!

Style: Antique
Style first appeared: 1828
Size: 25 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? Yes

2 Comments on “Antique H”

  • Susan

    I remember you have answered this before but again please, how DO you clean type?
    Please include all your techniques-for really heavy inky neglected type & then just for maintenance, etc. thank you. S

    05-06-10 » 9:41 am »

  • Bethany

    Well, cleaning type isn’t a science I’ve gotten down pat yet, but for now I use rags and lacquer thinner. I’ve been told that if you use extremely fine grade steel wool (Super Fine #0000) that it’s great for cleaning very dirty type. I’m planning on trying that this summer.

    05-07-10 » 12:08 pm »

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