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In some ways, The Art of Wood Type is this generation’s American Wood Type. The book starts off with some scattered history on wood type and features some artists who use letterpress blocks to print and as art in and of themselves. The back half of the book is dedicated to photos of wood type alphabets and vector recreations of the prints. The book features some very rare ornamental typefaces, it is a treat to see them in print.

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  • Gregory Ruffa

    As the author, allow me to add a few important details. The book has 330 pages, measures 9″x9″x1″. The website has a slideshow reviewing several pages in the book. 220 pages of wood type proofs and a side by side showing of the actual wood type. The book illustrates the process of creating wood type, Artists, type collectors, professors of printing tell their stories, 2 publications
    are reviewed, with hundreds of color photos. Visit the website to
    better understand the entertaining and interesting values throughout. The cost is $50 plus $5 shipping in the US. Foreign shipping is higher by location.

    04-29-10 » 9:53 pm »

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