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Ah, what a big, wonderful piece of work this is. I would guess this was cut by a printer; you can see the pencil marks along the counter, and the shoulder has been cleared away rather haphazardly. You can see the grooves left by the router winding back and forth on the upper right. I’m hesitant to print with a black as, well, naked as this for fear of staining it.

Style: Airport Tourist/ Futura Display variant?
Style first appeared: 1932
Size: 48 line
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturing Method: Pantograph
Is it part of a complete set? No

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  • Christopher

    A real beauty. I love these pieces that bear their production markings so readily. I also recognise that feeling of wanting to retain the original surface quality of the wood, but it seems a little perverse really – these things were made to get inky, and as you know, they develop more character as they build up a much richer patina through use, but it is hard to be the first to ‘break in’ a virgin block.

    I also have a few unused blocks, and cannot yet bring myself use them. I will, of course, but I’m not quite ready for that…

    11-09-10 » 5:32 pm »

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