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While I was in Dublin, 3 new alphabets arrived in the mail! I will have in depth notes about each as time goes on. There is a 5 inch set of Clarendon Bold which is more incredible than I could have imagined. I love getting fonts at this size that are made with End Grain wood! The next set is a 2 inch gothic that I’ve been dying to get for quite some time. It’s nice and meaty and the numerals are superb. The last face is this absolutely incredible latin-esque face. I’m not sure what to call it or who made it, but I feel so lucky to have gotten it. It’s missing about 5 characters total that I will have to recreate and assemble to complete it.

The lowercase letterforms are fantastic, I can’t wait to print them!

It’s always a thrill to get big type!

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  • david Shields

    The face you are showing, that is not the slab serif, is William Page’s No 514 first shown in 1890 as one of his die-cut designs (http://bit.ly/8Z0×1F). You should double check the cap A’s to see if it has Page’s patent stamp on the shoulder, if it is missing that indication, it was most likely produced by Hamilton after they acquired Page’s wood type company in 1891.

    Welcome back from your trip, and congrats on your new types.

    03-31-10 » 11:20 pm »

  • Bethany Heck

    Thanks for the info, David. I just posted about the F from that set this morning (http://end-grain.net/?p=1181). I could not find a stamp on any of the A’s, so maybe it is the Hamilton cut.

    04-01-10 » 8:25 am »

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